Get Rid Of The Stink

Sanitize And Disinfect Equipment @ The New England Sports Center


O3 Sani Sport Technology Has Been Proven To Kill 98% Of Bacteria Including MRSA And 100% Of Viruses Found Living In Protective Equipment


O3, (Ozone) also referred to as "Activated Oxygen" or "Tri-Oxygen" contains three atoms of oxygen, rather than the two atoms we normally breathe. Optimizing this natural gas with strong oxidizing properties, O3 opens up sports' equipment fibers to penetrate dangerous bacteria. O3 kills germs 3200 times faster and is 150 times more powerful than chlorine bleach. 

The O3 Process can be used to sanitize and disinfect equipment for Hockey, Football, Lacrosse, Baseball, Figure Skating and more!

The Sani Sport is truly impressive, it can revolutionize the industry.”
— Steve Hatz Petros, Vice President of the National Hockey League
Sani Sport is the most effective way to treat our equipment,
— Red Batty, Head Equipment Manager for the Green Bay Packers
Sani Sport is by far the best for our equipment and our players. It’s the only machine we will use.
— Pierre Gervais, Head Equipment Manager for the Montreal Canadiens
It’s been great since we got the Sani Sport. We have had no issues like we used to have. It’s the only machine that we use for all our players.
— Peter Henderson, Head Equipment Manager for the Boston Bruins
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O3 Sani Sport is now located upstairs at the New England Sports Center